The World’s Largest Halal Exhibition

Since its inception in 2004, MIHAS has become an event for local and foreign businesses to thrive in the Halal trade and to contribute significantly to the global Halal economy.

In 2019, MIHAS had attracted around 30,000 traders and visitors, resulted in total immediate and negotiated trade value of over RM1.6 billion (USD 380 Million).

MIHAS is a robust marketplace for both international and local players to seize opportunities beyond Halal food including Halal pharmaceutical, medical devices, finance, modest fashion, personal care and cosmetics, green technologies and even Muslim-friendly tourism.

The 17th MIHAS will place special emphasis on the agenda of helping local and international players look to innovation and sustainable initiatives to spearhead steady growth for the Halal economy.

MIHAS is not limited to the ASEAN region alone but is also supported internationally by the enthusiastic participation of International Pavilions from countries across the globe, from trade commissions to various Government agencies, from industry players to market leaders.

MIHAS in 2021 - The First Virtual Edition

The impact of the Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020 had sent shockwaves all over the world and reshaped how we view the economic landscape today.

In light of the rapidly evolving situation regarding the pandemic, MIHAS aim to showcase its first Virtual edition from 9th September till 31st December 2021.

MIHAS 2021 Virtual edition will feature virtual exhibition booths with full multimedia microsite, MIHAS Connect with A.I. assisted business matching suite, matching relevant MIHAS exhibitors to trade visitors. There is also LIVE knowledge sharing sessions and conferences industry captains and market leaders, LIVE Chat sessions and business meeting lounge and scheduler to enhance visitor’s networking opportunities.

MIHAS 2021 is the most exciting event yet by MATRADE. Join us and explore the potential of the Halal industry and how this can help grow your business.