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MIHAS Awards is an event that pay homage to MIHAS Exhibitors for creativity in booth design, innovation in products and services and promotion of MIHAS through social media platforms.

Best exhibitors of MIHAS 2023 in creative Booth Design are automatically eligible to under go the selection. As for Social Media Awards and Innovative Awards, companies need to apply online. In addition, for Innovative Awards, the selection are made based on companies’ nominations and pitching (physically).

Most Innovative F&B Product

This award recognises innovation in the Food & Beverages industry, specifically in furthering the Halal principals from food hygiene, safety or relating to better and healthier food products.

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Most Innovative Non-Food

This award recognises innovation in the Non-Food products. These includes food technology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care products. Example would be products or technologies that further strengthen the compliance and/or adherence to Halal principles.

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Most Innovative Services

This award recognises innovative Halal services that reinforces the Halal industry ecosystem. Examples would be logistics (i.e. in cold storage), Islamic finance that facilitates Halal industry expansion, digital tools that empowers content creators to create Halal content

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Best MIHAS Promotion via Social Media

This award looks for Exhibitors that leverages on the latest in trends and technologies through the social media landscape to promote MIHAS participation

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