The 15th Malaysia
International Halal Showcase 4-7 April 2018 Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur


Why is MIHAS an important platform?
Muslims represent an estimated 23% of the global population or about 1.8 billion consumers. By 2030, Muslims are expected to make up about 26% of the world’s total population. Clearly, Muslim consumers represent an important new market segment in the global economy. With the Muslim consumer market tagged as the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, there is enormous growth potential for the Halal industry, which caters to the specific needs of this niche market. The global Halal industry is currently estimated to be worth USD2.3 trillion. Until a decade ago, the Halal industry was largely confined to food and food related products. However, with the change in the mind-set of Muslim consumers and the rise in ethical consumerism worldwide, the Halal industry has expanded beyond the food sector to include tourism, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, media recreation and e-commerce.MIHAS serves as an ideal platform for the world to penetrate into the global Halal market to source for pioneering new innovations, discover emerging brands and expand trade opportunities. Recognised internationally as a value-adding platform, MIHAS promotes cross-border economic investments and business partnerships. MIHAS presents an opportunity to create new awareness, encourage innovation and develop a deeper understanding of the global Halal market that will drive this market into the next phase of growth.

How can participants benefit from MIHAS?
MIHAS is not only a gateway to the Malaysian Halal market, but more importantly, serves as a springboard to tap into the large Muslim consumer market of ASEAN and the rest of the world. The presence of prominent buyers at MIHAS especially from Malaysia and its ASEAN neighbours allows international Halal entrepreneurs to gauge receptiveness for their products and the feasibility to enter the huge ASEAN market.Participants will have an opportunity to meet Halal entrepreneurs from all over the world, showcase their products and services, strengthen their trade network and expand their business to emerging Halal markets. This will allow participants to realise their growth potential and increase their profitability by securing more sales. MIHAS serves as a platform for Halal entrepreneurs to tap into the global Halal market; estimated to be worth more than USD2.3 trillion.

Are all products and services at MIHAS Halal certified?
Yes, all products and services showcased at our four-day exhibition are required to be Halal-certified to support our objective of increasing public awareness on the diversity and proliferation of Halal products and services around the world.

At this trade fair, entrepreneurs are able to gain insights into prospects of the Halal market and industry. Manufacturers are well aware that a valid Halal certificate from an authorised body gives added value in many markets around the world. The appendage of “Halal” to a product is not just a guarantee that the product is permissible for Muslims; it is a symbol for quality assurance and ethical consumerism amongst non-Muslims as well.

Exhibitors originating from Muslim-majority countries that do not have Halal certification bodies or agencies must possess a Statutory Declaration confirming that their products are Halal according to Syariah.

Do exhibitors have to be a Muslim organisation to participate?
No, exhibitors do not have to be a Muslim organisation to participate. However, MIHAS being a trade fair of products and services that are Halal, requires for your products and services to be Halal-certified or Halal-compliant, and that the official Halal certification has been given or endorsed by a reputable body or agency.