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Halal’s Top E-Commerce Sites
31 January 2017

As demand for halal products grow, its positive impact on the landscape for halal e-commerce platforms to leverage on the seemingly untapped market of consumers and businesses interested in halal certified products. Malaysia based DagangHalal, which began operations in 2007, was the first B2B platform in this sector. Its pioneer status has led to the listing of 4,000 sellers comprising 21,000 products, ranging from food, food ingredients and halal additives to pharmaceutical and personal care products. DagangHalal partners 40 of the world’s 73 halal certification bodies to offer a convenient Islamic compliance verification tool on its platform. In April 2016, the company listed on London’s ISDX Growth Market Exchange. It is currently valued at over $20 million. Zilzar is another Malaysia based halal e-commerce site. When launched in 2014, The Muslim Lifestyle start-up was billed to challenge Alibaba and was quickly named on’s “50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups for 2015” as an honoree. Although still short of its target to become a household name, Zilzar lists 25,000 halal suppliers and 30,000 halal products on its site. In the modest fashion sector, Turkey-based Modanisa leads the way with over 35% market share and boasts 4.5 million visitors every month. The modest fashion online brand exports to as many as 57 countries, mainly to the United States, Australia and European countries. Websites such as Modanisa have shot up in recent years mirroring the growing awareness and size of the modest Muslim fashion market which currently is estimated at $200 billion. Up next on our list is the halal e-commerce site, Aladdin Street. Founded by the very first Malaysian astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, he decided that having a whiff of outer space wasn’t enough, he had to dominate the cyber space as well. The company which is relatively new, launched in April 2016 and similarly to Zilzar, is based in Malaysia. Aladdin Street hopes to build itself until it is known as the Malaysian halal competitor to world famous e-commerce brands, Amazon and Alibaba. The site is focused on providing a reliable and stable e-commerce platform for businesses to commence and for customers to be able to pay for the best quality halal products in the market. The halal e-commerce industry is growing stronger and bigger. All things considered, the halal e-commerce industry looks like it can only go one way—up. With support from local governments, the growth of these halal e-commerce sites will be assured. Subsequently, the expansion of halal into the World Wide Web, and in turn, the world, will be more than certain.